Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Life Insurance

Whether you're a first-time purchaser of life insurance, or want to re-evaluate where you stand, you will eventually have to ask yourself and your insurance agent some important questions with regard to your coverage.

But knowing what to ask can sometimes be tough. That's why we've compiled a list of questions for you to answer before you start researching life insurance companies, along with what to enquire about once you've found the right company for you.

Define Your Reasons

Are you looking to get life insurance to help with your mortgage? Perhaps you want to ensure your family doesn't have to cover your funeral expenses when you pass on. There could be one or several reasons that you're looking for new or additional coverage. Whatever yours are, define them before you contact any company.

Identify Other Coverage

Does your employer provide you with insurance coverage? If so, what kind? And will it follow you if you lose your job or retire? Knowing exactly where you stand with work coverage can help you better determine how much coverage you currently need.

How Much You Need

This can be a tough question to answer. But these days, there are a host of online resource that can help you calculate your optimal coverage amount. A simple way to do this on your own is to subtract your existing financial resources from your current and future financial obligations.

Type Of Coverage

This can be another difficult answer to find. There are many types of life insurance coverage out there. But choosing any kind of policy begins with knowing how long you want to be covered for.

Once you've obtained a short list of companies, you will have to know the right questions to ask in order to get adequate coverage at affordable premiums.


The credentials of an insurance company are probably the most important thing you can ask about. In addition to asking the company itself, check with your state's insurance department to ensure that all the necessary certification has been obtained.


Some life insurance policies will contain a conversion clause which will allow you to convert an existing policy into another without the requirement of a second medical exam or other proof. Ask your agent whether your desired plan has this clause.

Claims Process

Although you might not want to think about it, knowing how to go about making a claim can offer great assistance to your family members having to deal with your estate following your death.

Lower Premiums

If you've recently lost weight or quit smoking, you could qualify for reduced rates. Ask your company whether or not they offer discounts for clients who have been smoke-free for two or more years, or for those who have achieved significant weight loss and have been able to maintain that healthier lifestyle.

Your insurance agent should not only be able to answer your questions, but be willing to do so. There is simply no substitute for a knowledgeable and enthusiastic life insurance agent.


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